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       Raw, emotional bars straight from the heart. Spooky Down is an emerging  rap artist from the US currently launching into the global music scene.  The smooth, effortless style in his tracks is the perfect soundtrack for anybody going through the daily struggles of life. Every win. Every loss. Every heartbreak. Hear it all in raw uncut detail in his story-driven bars that tell real tales from the mean streets.


The rapidly rising artist is currently working on his latest project “5 Years Later”. The full-length record will talk on his emotional journey to success and the pain he’s felt from being disconnected from his family for so long. His music is all about finding release and talking on intimate subjects that are often looked down upon like depression. He endeavours to create music for people of all walks of life by talking on a range of relatable subjects. Music for him is a therapeutic process that allows him to face his inner demons and express what he’s feeling deeply inside. Opting to touch listeners soul through his words rather than just relying on a hard beat.


Growing up, the young artist would use music as a means of escaping the troubles he had. He was raised in a single person household by his Grandmother as the youngest of four, although all his siblings are deceased. His first run in with music is when he heard one of his dad's friends playing the song “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. He connected to the song so deeply he made it his mission to create music that can connect in this way to others. By 15 he was writing his own songs and released his debut mixtape in 2012 entitled “The First 48”. Stay tuned for the next chapter to begin.