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     Soulful yet effortless flow. Hard-hitting modern rhythms. And unmatchable hip-hop energy. Larry Brock is an emerging rap artist currently making global moves with his own style of charisma-dripped trap music.

     He endeavours for all of his music to be therapeutic for listeners. Guided by a strong faith in god – as well as an unrelenting drive to give his fans all he's got – Larry aims to heal and teach people through his songs. Touching on the more nuanced aspects of topics; such as the pain of loving the wrong person and the importance of family. Every heartbreak, every false promise, and every celebration. Each track is a chapter from life experiences.

     For the past few years, Larry has been putting out his own stylish take on music videos. From soft-loving, come-up tune "THE WORLD" – that shows Larry dancing on a rooftop with emerging female vocalist, KayannaMarie. To fan-favourite and hip-hop anthem "For My People", which acts as a battle cry for anyone else who's going through the same struggle of trying to make something of themselves. 

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